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Tuition Bendigo - Individualised tutoring for Primary, Secondary & VCE students.

Tuition Bendigo provide individualised tutoring for Primary, Secondary and VCE students. Tuition Bendigo offer - professional high quality lessons, ensure tutors work beside every student, use proven teaching methods in a range of subjects including; Math, Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Homework, Science and Exam Prep. Please see 'Services' for more information on the areas of tuition covered and pricing.

Tuition methods include; Written work, learning aids/tools, discussion based learning, computer work, engaging cartoons and multi-sensory learning systems. This ensures that our teaching methods are flexible and varied, making them suited to: Visual Learners, Auditory Learners & Kinesthetic Learners, as well as students diagnosed with up to multiple types of dyslexia. Our priority is to see all of our students reach their full potential, grow confidence and gain the tools to perform better in a classroom environment.

Strong personal focus on our student's individual learning needs and goals, helps students to feel better about their learning, allows them to progress very quickly, which enables greater feelings of confidence and increases their engagement! Tuition Bendigo specialise in tutors working beside students for the duration of every lesson!

In addition to 'In Person Tutoring', Online Tutoring is also now available! Tuition Bendigo have consulted with education experts around the world including; Australia, USA and the UK, to come up with an amazing online learning experience. As little as 30 minutes each week sees educational gains! Early Learners and Primary aged students work through online 'multi-sensory' curriculum at their own pace. Secondary and VCE students have the option of completing their tutoring sessions with their tutors via, Zoom. Study From Anywhere! Study Anytime! Be Your Best, with Tuition Bendigo's Online learning!